End of HSI Questions

What did you learn from your classes at HSI? What specific lessons do you want to remember for the future? What big-picture themes or thoughts do you want to remember for the future?

I didn’t really learn much at HSI. It was more so a social experience for me.

How do you think you’ve grown as a person from coming to HSI? Have you become more outgoing and friendly? Have you conquered any fears? Have you learned to be more independent?

Nothing really has changed for me since I came to HSI.

How do you think HSI prepared you for college life and your future career path?

I think HSI gave me a good idea of what to expect from college, although I still don’t know what I plan to do. I feel better about that now.

If you could re-live HSI, what would you do differently?

I don’t know. I would go to sleep on time I guess.

What will you tell your friends and family back home about HSI? You know that question is just waiting for you back home…

“It was cool.”

I really don’t have much to say about things. Unless somebody initiates conversation I don’t really know what to say.


Stereotypes in Modern Media

In almost any media there is a stereotype of some sort. Whether it be a simple tough guy character, or a damsel in distress. In almost any movie with a background character the background character is a stereotype too. It makes it easy to not develop the character in the background, and just keep going on in the movie relying on a pre-developed character. In many cases I find this to be perfectly fine; however if it is the main villain I expect that character to be explained and fleshed out and not just a stock bad-guy. In short it really just comes down to the quality of the media you are watching.

Multitasking with Multimedia

My school does not allow any media devices to be out at any times, to be honest my school is full of either people who don’t understand technology, or near technophobes. This bugs me, but I respect what they feel needs to be done, and keep my tech in my bag.

However when I get home I spend nearly all of my time on my computer. The reason I do this is because there is absolutely nothing to do. I live about 8 miles out of town, my friends all live on the other side of town, and the only people that live near me my age are drug addicts. Therefore I spend nearly all of my time on the computer. 

I believe the time I’ve spent on the computer helps me to multitask. It allows me to do certain menial tasks like folding laundry while watching a video or forum crawling while doing the dishes. I’ve become able to easily watch English subtitled movies, while still talking with my friends over Skype chat.

However there are certain issues that I have with multitasking. I cannot type, or write while watching a video. There is something about writing in a formal atmosphere that doesn’t work while trying to enjoy a video.

In most classes I feel I can multitask all I want without negative repercussions. If classes in college are anything like high school then I feel I can easily multitask and still get good grades.


Today in our Multimedia class we went over MTV. While MTV is little more than crap programming now, it used to be popular. MTV’s marketing strategies were to essentially find the most common teenage boy and girls and see what they found funny and liked, then give it to them. This gave us the stereotypical jerk we see many teenage boys as today, and the stereotypical slut we see a lot of the time because they tried to emulate the icons MTV gave. I hate them for this, because if they hadn’t came up with this then we wouldn’t have the problems that we have today with people acting stupid. I’m certain that we would still have stupid people, but perhaps these people wouldn’t flaunt their stupidity around like it mattered. Now MTV has mostly programming like the 16 and pregnant shows. I really don’t care what MTV changes to I still probably won’t watch their programming ever anyway. MTV panders to the lowest common denominator, and deserves to die.


Three days ago I told you guys about an interview we were doing in class I have the text portion of it right here:

Stepping on stage with a group of people she has been practicing with for only 2 days. Lynae mentally prepares herself for what she considers to be the biggest concert she has been in her entire musical career.

With about 4 years singing experience Lynae McBride has been accepted into All-State Music festival for her vocal talent. She started singing since 6th grade, and believes she wasn’t very good when she first began stating: “When I first started out I knew nothing about balance, blend, or really all that much.” But now she believes she’s much better stating: “I’ve definitely come a long way since I first started out.”

Of course in order to get where she is now she had to practice. She states that she generally practices about 30 minutes a time, about one time per day, and practices a variety of pieces, and although she tries to practice whatever piece she has that needs work, she prefers to sing songs from around the 40’s.

“I have a lot of friends in choir, and we all love to sing. It makes it easier because when someone knows about music, and we are about the same level, it’s easier to talk about music.” Lynae has lots of friends she enjoys her music with, and usually ends up practicing, or just singing with them in general.

Looking forward to the future Lynae hopes to be able to do All-State Music each year until graduation, and will stay with choir until graduation as well. After that she isn’t entirely sure what she hopes to do in terms of music.

I’ll have the audio portion of the interview up sometime in the future.

**Edit I will not be able to get the audio portion of this up, because I didn’t back up the file, and I broke the original file.


With the decline of normal advertisement, such as people using adblock on youtube videos, or people not even using cable, companies needed to find other ways to advertise. The way most companies have begun doing this is by integrating advertisements into the media people are trying to access.

I think this is a brilliant idea. It allows yourself to become more immersed in a film due to not worrying about what a stupid name dr. salt is because the characters on set are just drinking dr. pepper. In most cases the placement is done well enough that it seems realistic. However there are cases when it is integrated terribly and ends up seeming forced. This usually happens in a movie that would be crap anyway so it doesn’t really matter. I’ve seen this type of thing going so far into other media that it’s been in most video games I’ve played, and it never broke anything for me. Nobody was screaming BUY THIS THING, or anything like that, but simply an advertisement on a sign appeared like they do in the real world. It worked really well, looked really cool, and only increased the amount of immersion in the game world.

The Expectations Left by Modern Media

Most modern media leaves people with an impression that they do not appear in an ideal way. This is commonly done by having models who have minimal body fat appear in advertisements. I think that it’s ridiculous that anyone puts stock in the trash that modern media is; however many people do react to it. I’m fairly certain it doesn’t affect male audiences much at all; however I have a feeling it does affect female audiences. I don’t think my friends or I have been affected by this type of media, I really just think it hasn’t affected me.